My new website sets out to be a personal space to share ideas and thinking for all fellow travellers who seek long-term change in the way we look at the purpose of schools and the role they can play in equipping young people to understand and shape their futures.

It is rooted in the recognition that we bequeath the young a set of problems almost unparalleled in their scale and complexity. And in the powerful words of President Obama, that means we must now :

“Encourage young people to think differently about problems
and form new kinds of institutions and ways of organising our societies".

The site aims to collect ideas, resources and support that may be helpful to school leaders and policy makers engaged in that task, drawing on my own forty years experience of working on the forefront of change in often very constrained times along with the ideas of many others. And it offers as well some informal support for the ground-breaking Schools of Tomorrow organisation which it has been my privilege to help found.

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Please enjoy, share, contribute, and challenge.